Do it forCrohns!

Raise money for vital Crohn’s research

We need more money each year to continue our work funding research projects and raising awareness of Crohn’s Disease and with your help we can do it!

There are lots of ways you can help us fundraise, and it doesn’t have to mean running a marathon! Your contribution will never be forgotten and no matter how small, every amount raised will make a massive difference to those with Crohn’s disease. Here’s how we can help you:

  • We can offer leaflets, posters, collection pots, t-shirts and running vests – just drop us an email to [email protected].
  • Download an print a leaflet about the charity to use at your event HERE.
  • Download the forCrohns logo HERE.
  • You can download a forCrohns sponsorship form enabling us to claim Gift Aid on your fundraising here: Download Gift Aid Sponsorship Form

Here are just some of our fantastic fundraisers from recent years and if you’d like to feature here please email us your photos to [email protected]

Thanks to Buckingham Rugby Club 🏉 for donating £1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ to ForCrohns to help fund vital research for 3 consecutive years now

Jo, who herself suffers with Crohn’s disease, managed to raise an amazing £8,000 when she trekked to Macchu Piccu in 2017! Read more about her amazing trip here


Congratulations to Kelly Simmonds who ran 🏃‍♀️ the Brighton Marathon forCrohns in April 2018! Kelly helped raised over £1,600! 🥇

What a hero! In 2018 Dilwyn Jones completed his first full marathon 🏃, having already completed 9 half marathons and a few shorter races all within the previous 9 months! He has raised over £1,800 for vital#Crohns research and you can donate here 

Ellie Ingram ran 🏃‍♀️ the Trail 10k in Wales in Sept 2018. Ellie raised an amazing £1,300 💰 and here’s a lovely photo of Ellie and her Dad as they crossed the finish line together 🏅

Daisy May Curtis will be running her first half-marathon for forCrohns on 9th September later this year. Daisy’s brother Justin was diagnosed with Crohn’s when he was 19 and he is now 32 and has a 6 year old daughter. Unfortunately Justin has spent the past 11 months in hospital but this has propelled Daisy to take to the streets to start training for her 13.1 mile run.

“Raising money for the charity would mean a lot to me and my family and in particular my exceptionally brave brother Justin. I think Crohn’s sufferers need as much support and help to raise awareness as possible. I haven’t ever run anything like this before!”

View Daisy’s fundraising page here.

Congratulations and huge thanks to Peter Roebuck who completed his 13th (yes thirteenth!) Great North Run, raising over £300 for our vital Crohn’s research! 🏃‍♂️💪🏼

Well done Izzy Hardy for running the 2014 London Marathon, raising nearly £2,000. Izzy’s Grandma suffered from Crohn’s Disease, so she decided to run for forCrohns as the cause is ‘close to her heart’.

She hope’s that her efforts will help us to find a cure for Crohn’s, in future, and make people in the UK more aware of the disease and its symptoms.

View Izzy’s Fundraising Page here

James Steed and Bethan Kelly decided to trek the Inca Trail for us in April 2013. They trekked for 8 hours a day for 7 days to Machu Pichu high up in the Peruvian mountains. James’s girlfriend Beth was diagnosed with Crohn’s at the end of university in June 2012 and her experience has inspired them both to undertake this amazing challenge in order to raise money for us. They raised a staggering £1000!

“It was a pleasure to raise money for the charity and hope we have made a small difference! Fortunately Beth has reacted well to her medication since the initial diagnosis but we realise many people aren’t as lucky and struggle with the disease. We saw the trek as an opportunity to raise awareness about Crohn’s and try and raise more money into finding a cure for the disease. The trek was unbelievable. It was a difficult 4 days but so rewarding. It was so worth it for the views and then when we actually arrived into Machu Picchu it was such a good feeling, everyone was riding on a high.”


Huge thanks to Ali Pickin, who raised over £1,600 by bravely shaving off all of her shoulder-length hair in public, at a shopping mall in Bristol.

Ali was first diagnosed with Crohn’s 10 years ago and really wanted to raise awareness as “so many people have never heard of it let alone understand how much us sufferers need a cure for this painful, stressful, embarrassing disease”.

View Ali’s fundraising page

Congratulations to Darran Climmance on completing the 2014 London Marathon, and raising over £1,300 in doing so. Darran was first diagnosed with Crohn’s at the age of 21, and has overcome major surgery to now run marathons.

He hopes that ‘in the not-too-distant future’ new treatments can be found to control or stop Crohn’s, so that sufferers live without constant worry and avoid periods of illness, hospitalisation or surgery.

Adam Lemon ran Tough Mudder in April 2015 and raised £1300 for us

Tom Fawcett entered our London Marathon 2012 prize draw at the 2011 10kforCrohns. He won a place to run the 26.2 mile course and raised a fantastic £3000 for the charity. Tom’s wife, Zoë (also one of our committee members), was diagnosed with Crohn’s 7 years ago.

“It was absolutely amazing to run the London Marathon for forCrohns. It was a fantastic experience that meant so much because Zoë, my wife, has the disease and the charity does such a good job at raising awareness, supporting Crohns sufferers and fundraising research. It also gave all our friends and family a reason to donate to a cause that we feel very strongly about.”

Phil and Jonathan Peters who raised £2k for us doing the North London Half Marathon in March 2015IMG_1650