The Role of Vitamin D in Crohn’s Disease (Part 2)

Vitamin DProject: The Role of Vitamin D in Crohn’s Disease (Part 2)

Year: 2013 – IN PROGRESS

Researcher: St Mark’s Hospital

Background: Part 1 of this research, found that Vitamin D can help to prevent the immune system from behaving in the way it does to cause inflammation in Crohn’s patients. It was a pivotal study showing the potential for Vitamin D to help Crohn’s sufferers but were based on lab tests and more tests needed to be done with humans to identify the practicalities of how Vitamin D would actually be used.

– To assess effects of vitamin D in patients with Crohn’s Disease
– Ultimate aim would be a clinical trial of Vitamin D in optimising therapies for Crohn’s Disease.
Anticipated Outcome: Research will lead to scientifically robust information to inform dosage for a clinical trial.  The hypothesis is patients with Crohn’s Disease will need to be vitamin D replete “to get most out of standard therapies”

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