The Role of Vitamin D in Crohn’s Disease (Part 1)

Sun = Vitamin DProject: The Role of Vitamin D in Crohn’s Disease (Part 1)

Year: 2008

: St Marks Hospital

Vitamin D is important for healthy bones. In addition, it was suggested that it could help to regulate the inflammatory process and thus could be used in the treatment of Crohn’s Disease. Vitamin D is currently a very topical subject with emerging anti-cancer and anti-inflammation properties under investigation.

– Investigate effect of Vitamin D on immune cells in laboratory
– Demonstrate effectiveness of Vitamin D as treatment for inflammation
Summary: This project found that Vitamin D can help to prevent the immune system from causing inflammation in Crohn’s patients. This is a really pivotal study showing the potential for Vitamin D to help Crohn’s sufferers. So far these tests have been done in the lab and more tests need to be done with humans to identify the practicalities of how Vitamin D would be used.

An article about this was published in the ‘Nature’ journal (a top medical journal which includes new research findings).

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