forCrohns Innovation Grant

The 2018 Innovation Grant application window is now closed.

Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG at FreeDigitalPhotos.netPlease download the forCrohns Innovation Grant Application Form and send the completed form to [email protected] by 10pm on March 12th 2018.  Please also provide a copy of your CV and if you are not a consultant, a letter of guarantee of supervision from the supporting consultant.  The successful applicant(s) will be announced on the 20th April 2018.

forCrohns funds separate grants that investigate the aetiology and treatment of Crohn’s disease with the aim, ultimately, of discovering a cure.  The purpose of the forCrohns Innovation Grant is to focus on helping those with the condition today.

Criteria of grant
All projects must meet the following criteria and will be judged against them:

  • An outcome which demonstrates a clear and immediate benefit for Crohn’s patients
    (Whilst it is appreciated that many projects may have a dual benefit for those with UC, the charity’s main aim is focused on the output for Crohn’s)
  • A short expected time between study and implementation
  • Robust assessment of outcomes
  • Potential to scale nationally for pilot projects
  • Previous research and innovation achievements of individual and organisation applying

Up to £10,000 will be awarded to successful projects.
This money may not be used for salaries or tuition fees.

The independent judging panel is made up of a Crohn’s patient, IBD nurse, gastroenterologist and surgeon as well as the charity trustees.

Responsibilities of awardees
Successful applicants will be asked to:

  • Update forCrohns at regular intervals to ensure timelines are met.
    For a 1 year project, 3 updates at 4 month intervals.
  • Hold at least one educational event at their hospital for their patients with Crohn’s disease. It is up to the applicant to decide what is presented, whether it is an overview of the project and its findings or a more general educational event about the disease.  forCrohns must be introduced as the charity funding the work and will be the exclusive charity at such an event(slides about forCrohns will be provided)
  • forCrohns should be credited in all presentations and publications of the work.
  • forCrohns may want to invite those awarded with monies to national events in the future and publicise work done on the website, social media etc.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Since the creation of the Innovation Grant in 2016 we are proud to have been able to fund the following innovative projects which aim to find new ways to help improve the lives of patients with Crohn’s disease today: