forCrohn’s Buddy System

If you have Crohn’s disease don’t worry you’re not alone, approximately 1 in every 1000 people have Crohn’s in the UK. Whilst that means there are a lot of people living with the condition, we also know that it can be a difficult condition to talk about and find someone who understands what you’re experiencing. That’s why we have created the forCrohns buddy system.

Our buddy system will connect you to someone who has had a similar experience to yourself, who hopefully understands exactly what you are going through and can offer you support and advice on a more personal one-to-one basis instead of in a group forum.

Remember this is a two way connection so you must be willing to offer the same in return.

How does it work?

  1. If you want a buddy then fill out our questionnaire, this will capture some information about your Crohn’s experience and what you are looking for in your buddy.
  2. Once we have completed questionnaires we will match people up as per their preferences and send each of you an email with your buddy’s name and email.
  3. Then it’s over to you to get in touch with your buddy and connect as you feel comfortable.
  4. For those age 16-18: For your child’s safety, parents are urged to follow government advice with regard to the use of the internet, and to carefully monitor any correspondence made through e-mail. When we receive a request to put a teenager under 18 in touch with another we will send a copy of the initial email to the parents e-mail address so they are aware who their children are contacting. Please note that forCrohns cannot accept any responsibility for any unsuitable or undesirable contacts made through this service. All detailed included in Terms and Conditions.

forCrohns will match those that sign up to the buddy service with someone who has a similar experience of the condition as per the answers to the questionnaire. Once a match has been found, both parties will be emailed the other person’s name and email address. We will not share any other information and take no responsibility for these matches other than introducing people.


forCrohns Buddy Matching Questionnaire

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