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I was diagnosed with Crohns disease whilst I was at university. I had bad tummy cramps and diarrhea for weeks. I had bad legs with big lumps (Erythema nodosum), which were really painful. It was horrible and I was going to the toilet 30+ times a day. I lost about 2 stone in weight and had no energy at all. I could barely eat, as every time I did I had to go to the toilet. I couldn’t sit as my bottom end hurt so much. I just slept and led about. I had fevers and blood when I went to the toilet.karen

I was one of the more fortunate Crohns patients as I was diagnosed quickly as I had the lumps on my legs and after having a Colonoscopy in Brighton Hospital between Christmas 2005 and the new year. I was then admitted and diagnosed with having Crohns Colitis meaning that it was predominantly at the bottom end of my colon (large bowel) and rectum. This meant I had inflammation and ulcers on the lining of my bowel and rectum. I was also fortunate as intravenous steroids calmed the inflammation down whilst I was in hospital which enabled me to go home with oral medication which kept the symptoms at bay for a while.

Since then I have had numerous flare ups, different medications (oral, injections and intravenous), hospital stays, investigations and operations. But medications just wouldn’t work for me. After numerous other options and resting my bowel for over a year it still didn’t work and the Crohns was still active. I have now had my whole large bowel and rectum removed. I have an ileostomy bag (which I have learnt to love). I am proud of it.

In March this year I went into hospital with a blockage in my small bowel. I was 35 Weeks pregnant and I got so ill and the blockage wouldn’t clear. They decided to do a Caesarian to see if that would clear the blockage and Megan was born 5 weeks early and she was absolutely fine, healthy and gorgeous. b62df75f-eaad-4a1b-a08f-4385575190e2

Unfortunately it didn’t make it any better and I got so ill my bowel died and I had to have over half my small intestines (small bowel) removed. It was said I was as ill as anyone could get! I had lots of other complications and spent 26 days in intensive care. I can’t remember 17 of those days as I was taken in and out of consciousness. I had a tracheostomy, amongst other things to make me better. When I woke up I couldn’t move my legs as where I had been led in one place for so long I had so much muscle wastage. Like with building up my running last year I built up my movements, muscles and walking day by day, doing that little bit more every time and making myself do it. It felt like I’d never get out of that hospital! The stairs were harder to climb than mountains I’ve climbed in the past.

On 20th September 2015 I’ll be walking the 10k forCrohns. But I feel that walking 10k is my marathon now and I hope that next year I will be writing this about running!

I can and I will!!!!!!!!!

It is going to be a very emotional time crossing that line with my husband Ashley and daughter Megan with me.

Thank you for reading my story and it would be very much appreciated if you would be so kind to sponsor us to raise money for this amazing charity to find a cure for Crohns, a disease which caused me to have the blockage in the first place! .

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