Crohn’s Community Stories – Featuring blogs & stories on diagnosis, everyday life and more

final_book_frontcoverWe think it’s really important for the Crohn’s community to be able to share their stories. 

Over 40 Crohn’s patients have done so in our Book forCrohns, and so that the community can live beyond the book, we invite you to share your stories with us on our website.

We also have stories on our website from some of the best Crohn’s bloggers on the web as well as volunteers from the forCrohns committee. It’s not just for the few and expert writers, it’s for everyone who wants to share their story, so if you fancy putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard/tablet – or even send us a short video blog, then take a look at the topics at the bottom of this page and send us an email saying which are of interest to you. 

What we really want to hear is your honest perspective on the topic, your experiences, your views and tips for others which convey a sense of hope to fellow sufferers.

Crohn’s Community Stories