About Our Charity


forCrohns mission is to fund research that helps those with the condition today and contributes to finding a cure for Crohn’s disease in the future whilst making more people in the UK aware of the disease and its symptoms.

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How will we achieve our mission?

  • Our team of unpaid volunteers (including those with Crohn’s) will create a range of events and activities that raise funds for the charity.
  • We will invest the charity’s funds in a wide variety of research into the disease including (but not limited to) investigations leading to a greater understanding of the condition, diagnosis, symptoms, treatments, psychological impact etc.
  • Through our events, activities and a range of media channels we will publicise our research and educate people about the disease and its symptoms so that they understand more about the condition should they ever be asked for help by a sufferer

What’s different about forCrohns?

forCrohns is the only charity in the UK:

  • Solely dedicated to funding research into AND raising awareness of Crohn’s Disease AND
  • Is run entirely by volunteers, which means virtually all of the money we raise goes directly to fund research into Crohn’s Disease
  • In addition, everyone on our committee either has Crohn’s or has a close family member or friend with the condition, so you won’t find a more passionate group of people determined to beat this disease.

We encourage our supporters to get in touch with us at any time with any questions, thoughts or suggestions you might have. Email us at [email protected] or tweet us @forCrohns.


Walkers at the start of 10k forCrohns 2014


forCrohns was established in 2002 when two daughters organised a sponsored walk to support their mothers who suffer from the condition. Walk forCrohns was born and this event has been the cornerstone of the forCrohns calendar ever since recently evolving into 10kforCrohns, combining both walking and running.

Since its inception, forCrohns has gone from strength-to-strength, holding a range of events each year including 10k forCrohns, Sing forCrohns, Laugh forCrohns and Quiz forCrohns, raising almost £500,000 for research into the condition.

Crohn’s Disease is one of many bowel disorders, which can strike at any time and have devastating effects upon people of all ages. Due to the embarrassing nature of Crohn’s Disease and the fact that bowel disorders tend not to be discussed in our society, many people suffer in silence and are reluctant to admit to having the disease.

It is for this reason that raising awareness of Crohn’s is as important a goal of forCrohns as raising money. forCrohns has created a great deal of publicity Much publicity has been achieved by forCrohns for the disease over the years including a live interview on LBC radio and coverage on the ITV news.

The Trustees

forCrohns is the brainchild of Lisa and Natasha who started the events whilst still at school. Both their mothers have the condition and the girls decided they wanted to do something to help those who suffer from the disease.

forCrohns is something very close to both their hearts and they run the charity alongside their full-time jobs. In November 2007 the girls were awarded with a Cosmopolitan Women of the Year Award for their work.