Crohn’s Research

Crohn's ResearchIn this section, you can find out all about the Crohn’s research that forCrohns funds. Our mission is to fund research that helps those with the condition today and contributes to finding a cure for Crohn’s Disease in the future.

One day we will beat Crohn’s Disease. The more research we do, the sooner that day will come.

We have invested over £400,000 into Crohn’s Disease research covering a wide variety of studies into the disease. These include investigations leading to a greater understanding of the condition, diagnosis, symptoms, treatments and psychological impact.

Our policy is to fund research at universities and hospitals throughout the UK and all awards are vetted and approved by the forCrohns trustees and panel of doctors.

forCrohns is currently updating their funding strategy so are only currently accepting applications for their Innovation Grant. Find out more here.

You can find out details of some of the projects we have funded since 2008 here:









forCrohns is the only charity in the UK solely dedicated to funding research into and raising awareness of Crohn’s Disease.