forCrohns awards £70,000 to innovative Crohn’s research in the hope of new treatments

16th June 2015, London

The charity forCrohns, whose mission is to fund research that helps those with the condition today and contributes to finding a cure for Crohn’s Disease in the future, is proud to announce that it has awarded £70,000 to fund 2 Crohn’s research projects.

The University of Liverpool will receive £60,000 to investigate the relationship between bacteria and fungi in the gut, and whether fungi plays a role in causing Crohns. It may even lead to new treatments which suppress the fungi. – “The results of this programme of work will be a greater understanding of the role of fungi in the cause of Crohn’s Disease” Professor Chris Probert

The University of Oxford will receive £10,000 to look at the way in which the gut handles bacteria, and whether an abnormal way of dealing with bacteria leads to Crohn’s Disease – the researchers ultimately want to use the information to develop a new treatment for IBD patients. -“The ultimate aim is to develop therapies for IBD patients that do not necessarily function as immunosuppressive but to target bacteria handling defects.” Dr Holm Uhlig

forCrohns has partnered with UK patient organisation Crohn’s and Colitis UK to award the funds. Crohn’s and Colitis UK follows peer-review principles approved by the Association of Medical Research Charities and has been awarded the AMRC Certificate of Good Practice for its peer review procedures.

Lisa Walker, co- founder of forCrohns said;

“We are delighted to work in partnership with Crohn’s and Colitis UK to ensure that more scientific investigation into the causes and understanding of inflammatory bowel diseases is funded. All funded projects are of the highest quality with the potential to benefit the greatest number of people. This means we can ensure our supporters’ funding continues to be spent where it will be of most use and we are very excited to pledge these hard-earned donations to these terrific areas of research”

forCrohns latest venture is Book forCrohn’s, a unique collaboration between healthcare professionals and patients which goes on sale today on Amazon